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Aims and Scope: Seed Technology is an international journal containing scientific and technological papers in all areas of seed science and technology. The emphasis is on applied and basic research in seed physiology, pathology and biology that may relate to seed development, maturation, germination, dormancy and deterioration. Studies on seed production, sampling, testing, conditioning, distribution and storage are also included. Short communications from seed analysts and technologists are encouraged and will be published as Seed Tech Notes. These notes include new techniques, standardization of laboratory tests and documentation of anatomical and pathological observations of seed and seedling development. The journal also includes timely review articles in all areas of seed technology that may relate directly to the seed industry.

Seed Technology Editors

Dr. Riad Baalbaki
California Dept. of Food & Agriculture
Plant Pest Diagnostics Center
3294 Meadowview Rd.
Sacramento, CA 95832-1448
Telephone: (916) 262-3292

Assistant Editor
Sue Alvarez, RST

US Agriseeds Seed Lab
3424 Roberto Court
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
Phone: (805) 540-6753
Fax: (805) 540-6767


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Information for Authors

Information for Authors
The emphasis of the Seed Technology Journal continues to be the publication of original papers, review articles, technical notes and symposia in applied and basic areas of seed science and technology.  This includes seed research in physiology, pathology and biology for all plant species. The criteria for acceptance are originality, quality of research and interest to the readership.  Papers are accepted on the understanding that they have not been published or submitted to any other scientific journal. Author Invitation Download

Please note that the journal now accepts submissions using a web-based portal:
FastTrack is the manuscript management system selected to streamline the submission and review process.  There is no charge to establish an account and the submission instructions are few and quite simple. 
Complete instructions for authors:

Instructions to Authors      Abstract Checklist and Sample
Authors may provide a translation of their abstract in one additional language, which will be printed in the journal following the primary abstract in English. Author Invitation Download

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Seed Technology offers several sponsorship options to support the publication of this journal.  Your participation through sponsorship will help maintain a vibrant environment for the publication of timely seed research in Seed Technology.  It will provide Seed Technology with the ability to innovate and develop as it serves the national and international seed industry. 

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Available Past Issues:

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Year Volume


2012 Vol. 34 #1 Future Trends and Prospects, invited reviews, 5 Refereed Papers, 3 Technical Notes
2011 Vol. 33 #2   7 Refereed Papers, 3 Seed Tech Notes, Research Paper & Poster Abstracts
2011 Vol. 33 #1  4 Refereed Papers, 1 Seed Tech Notes
2010 Vol. 32 #2

4 Refereed Papers, 2 Seed Tech Notes, Research Paper & Poster Abstracts

2010 Vol. 32 #1

Invited Review: Seed Technology Training, 4 Refereed Papers, 3 Seed Tech Notes

2009 Vol. 31 #2

5 Refereed papers, 2 Seed Tech Notes, 17 Research Paper & Poster Abstracts

2009 Vol. 31 #1

7 Refereed papers, 3 Seed Tech Notes

2008 Vol. 30 #1

5 Refereed papers, 3 Seed Tech Notes, 15 Research Paper & Poster Abstracts

2007 Vol. 29 #1

Invited review on seed moisture and 6 refereed papers

2006 Vol. 28 #1

7 refereed papers and 4 Seed Tech Notes

2005 Vol. 27 #2

Native Seed Symposium Papers, six refereed papers

2005 Vol. 27 #1

Ohio State University Seed Vigor Imaging System, eight refereed papers      

2004 Vol. 26 #1

Vegetable Seed Vigor Symposium Papers, five Refereed Papers 

2003 Vol. 25 #2

Three referred papers and Seed Tech Notes

2003 Vol. 25 #1

IUFRO Tree Seed Symposium

2002 Vol. 24 #1

“Testing Native Species”

2001 Vol. 23 #2

“Promoting Professionalism in Seed Analysis”

2001 Vol. 23 #1

“Final Seed Research Reports”

2000 Vol. 22 #1

Papers relating to: ”Rules for Seed Testing”

1999 Vol. 21 #1

“Final Seed Research Reports”

1998 Vol. 20 #2

“Invited Reviews” Testing Tree Seeds for Vigor, and Initiatives to Improve the International Seed Health System

1998 Vol. 20 #1

Special Publication:  “Vegetable and Flower Seed Quality”

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